My Philosophy

I believe that perfect health is the natural state of all human beings. The human body is a wondrous extraordinary treasure with the capacity to heal itself from any imbalance. It can be bombarded with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional abuse, and will still continue to function better than any man–made machine in existence today.

In our high tech, fast–paced society, people have to make a serious effort to balance daily demands of career and family with inner happiness and health. How can we achieve such a state of balance? Ideally, it is best to prevent disease in the first place by adopting healthy physical habits of work and relaxation, maintaining a positive attitude toward self and others, creatively expressing emotions, eating nutritionally healthy foods and of course by using natural therapies when needed.

In whatever state of health your body is in today, I am here to work with you to restore a higher vibration of health. I support working with any of your current health practitioners to bring you the best–combined health care possible.

Remember, some of the most remarkable inner potential buried deep within a person may only come out in times of adversity, as in a health crisis. Did you know that the Chinese character for the word “crisis” is the same as the word “opportunity”? Thus crisis is seen as your opportunity to change for the better. You have the ability in every moment to change your thoughts and actions, to heal the past, and to experience vibrant health.